The Rice Noodle is a small Yunnan noodle shop on Bleecker Street in lower Manhattan. It is a new restaurant, started by Yao Tang, a Chinese immigrant from the Yunnan region of China. This ethnically diverse region is rich in spicy food and famous for its rice paddies.

As the main supplier of rice in China, Yunnan is also famous for its rice noodles. Fermentation during the production process results in a soft, slippery noodle with a slight bounce. The strands are slightly thicker than a spaghetti noodle but thin enough to slurp down quickly.

Known as “guo qiao mixian” or “crossing the bridge noodles,” they are served either Yunnan-style hot or, cold. The mixed toppings on each order include savory ground beef and cilantro. Hot noodles swim in a pork bone broth seasoned with Chinese licorice root and Sichuan peppercorn.

At $8.75, an order of “The Rice Noodle/Rice Roll in Soup” is cheap and filling. “Yunnan Beef Noodles” are another favorite. Customers order at the counter, and specify to-go or to to stay. (The restaurant seats 16.) Here are more reasons to stop by The Rice Noodle:

Reason #1: Yunnan noodles can deal with dietary issues

The Yunnan style of rice noodle is made from non-glutinous rice, which is ideal for gluten-free diners.

Reason #2: The compact menu offers many easy-to-navigate options

Get the noodles hot or cold. Either way, customers can choose from the following toppings: coriander, mint, cilantro, savory meat sauce, chili sauce, thinly-sliced meat, chili oil, scallions and beansprouts. The cold noodles are served with just condiments and no broth.

Reason #3: More than just noodles 

For $4.95, try the soft tofu dish, which is mixed with pieces of preserved, century-old duck egg and drizzled with vinegar. The restaurant also sells Wong Lo Kat, a popular Chinese herbal sweet tea drink, plus water and soda.

Reason #4: Eat authentic Chinese food 

The Rice Noodle is mostly popular among Chinese people in New York but others have begun to take notice. As more Chinese people come, they open more regional Chinese food catering to the growing community.

Reason #5: Value

The servings are immense and the service is fast. The noodles are served in a large black take-out containers with more than enough noodles to satisfy one person. Each noodle dish is $7-to$9.


The Rice Noodle

Card only for orders over $10

190 Bleecker St.

New York, N.Y.  10012

(646) 649-3906