Savory breasts of Peruvian-style roast chicken. Heaping sides of French fries, yellow rice and more. Sandwiches thick with chopped chicken, fish and sausage.

These and the restaurant’s milky “green sauce”—which gives customers a kick of heat in the back of their throats—keep guests coming back.

The owners of Inca Chicken knew what they were doing when naming the restaurant after just one of their menu items. The rotisserie chicken, which broils for an hour in 400 degree heat until the skin caramelizes in color, is the star of the show. But, what some of the sides lack in flavor, the eatery makes up with generous quantities and low pricing.


Inca Chicken has been on the block for 28 years. It’s nestled among chains like Dunkin’ Donuts and Crown Fried Chicken.

With reasonable prices and flavorful food, this Peruvian-style restaurant makes a strong case for being the neighborhood’s resident roast chicken eatery.

And it serves a neighborhood where the median annual income was about $34,000 in 2009, according to the Community District 4 Brooklyn Neighborhood Report. Two out of every three residents identified as Latino that year—with one in five identifying as Puerto Rican, one in six identifying as Dominican and one in seven identifying as Mexican.

Here’s five reasons why you should give Inca Chicken a try:

1) The chicken packs a lot of flavor at a great price.

It’s hard to go on with rotisserie chicken—as even grocery store brands manage to drum up great birds. But Inca Chicken brings it up to the next level. Their chicken’s white meat is juicy, moist, and easy to pull off the bones each time you order. And you can get a piece the size of your fist (1/4 of a chicken) for $3.75. For $6.75, you can get it with two generous servings of sides.


2) Two sides almost steal the show—one of them being the arepas.


The arepas almost up-stage the chicken. Their arepas—two circles of corn flour dough scraped with butter and grilled on a pan—come with a slice of melted white cheese sandwiched in between. The result is a crispy and satisfyingly greasy snack for just $3.25.


3) The other show-stealing side: the empanadas.

These pastries are made by folding dough over a typically meat filling, and then baked. They come in the shape of crispy half-moons. Inca Chicken has two options for hot, spiced fillings: beef ($2.50) and chicken ($2.00).


4) The green sauce is addicting.

The speckled condiment comes in a tiny tub and adds a delicious heat to everything on your plate. Seriously. It can be added to anything. And it comes free with your meal!


5) They’re open all day, seven days a week.

Inca Chicken’s hours are 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Sunday. And the entire menu, from bacon, cheese sandwiches to roast chicken, is available all day.


Some advice: order take-out if the weather’s nice.

While the interior of the restaurant is clean and provides two flat screen’s to watch soccer, overall, you might prefer to take your Styrofoam containers of food to your home or the nearby Maria Hernandez Park.


Inca Chicken

122 Wyckoff Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11237


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